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Due to our many years of experience and many thousands of miles on the water on all kinds of craft, our recommendations and installations of equipment are very different from other dealers.


As all our products are certified to these standards, any additions must be to the same standards to maintain that certification.

THE COCKPIT on a cruising boat must be comfortable and ergonomic. Visibility for the watch and helmsperson is paramount. “Standing watch” is for ships and racers, a cruiser must be able to sit and see as good as when standing and the seat must be comfortable and have a backrest. Electronics and controls must be at arms length, visible from many positions yet not interfere with the helmspersons visibility.

The VHF radio/hailer/listener must be mounted near the helm where it is used most often and can be monitored effectively as required by law. Remote microphones don’t stand up to the job. On boats over 30’ there must be a bilge pump alarm, stereo remote and horn control at the helm. All sail controls must terminate in the cockpit. All safety gear must be available in the cockpit or cockpit lockers. Dodgers, bimini tops and enclosures must provide adequate visibility and ease of movement in and out of the cockpit.

ON DECK the anchors must be at the ready at all times, secure for heavy going, yet easily deployed in seconds. Walkways must be easily managed, even in heavy seas in the dark of night. Docklines and fenders must be easily secured and deployed.

INTERIOR SYSTEMS must be ergonomic, secure and unobtrusive. Entertainment systems must be installed protected and secure; their speakers must be mounted low to not interfere with compasses and must not dominate the interior environment. Access to all vital equipment must be easy and quick. All equipment must also be able to be secured enough to take a rough passage at all times.

WE ADD AT NO CHARGE to every Island Packet, a bilge alarm warning light; a valve to isolate the engine cooling water intake from the other systems; a collar on the interior of the propeller shaft to retain the shaft in the boat in case of a coupling failure; and a host of other little, yet important details.

Among Island Packet dealers, we have one of the highest C.S.I. (Customer Satisfaction Index) in the world, and have maintained it every year since 1994.

Our customer orientations last weeks if need be. We encourage you to be present at many stages of your vessels commissioning process. Ultimately we want you to know as much about your vessel as we do.

This has resulted in many of our Island Packet owners jokingly bragging that “you never really own your Island Packet, its Norm’s boat and he only lets you use it and pay the bills.”

We would like to commission a new Island Packet for you too !